Trackmaster FAQ

How accurate is Trackmaster?
Trackmaster was recently used in a race and found to be within 0.05 seconds of the AMB transponder lap times. 

Does Trackmaster record horsepower, 1/4 mile times, and 0-60 times?
Trackmaster does not include horsepower, 1/4 miles, and 0-60 times.  These are intended for a dyno/drag racing application.  Check out Dynomaster.  Trackmaster is intended for autocross, road racing, hillclimbs, and road rally type events. 

Does Trackmaster require calibration?

No. Trackmaster is simple to use and no calibration steps are required.

Does Trackmaster use the built-in accelerometer?
Trackmaster only uses the accelerometer for detection of movement and lateral acceleration logging.  The built-in accelerometer is not accurate enough for tracking position.

Does Trackmaster support external bluetooth GPS receivers?
Yes, Trackmaster supports most NMEA compliant external bluetooth GPS receivers. This allows you to use higher rate GPS sampling such as 5Hz.

Should I use my device/phone GPS or an external bluetooth GPS?
Answer here: Trackmaster Forum Link

For external bluetooth GPS, should I use 5 Hz or 10 Hz?
Answer here: Trackmaster Forum Link

How does the Google Earth integration work?
Trackmaster allows you to export your sessions in Google Earth format. This exports all your track data and setup information. You can replay your data in Google Earth. You can also create your split marker sets in Google Earth for import into Trackmaster.

Is Trackmaster available for the iPhone or Blackberry?
Currently, Trackmaster is only available for Android devices.