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Trackmaster v1.2 released!
Trackmaster v1.2 released!
5/1/09 6:18 PM
This release coincides with the Android Cupcake release for the G1 and the release of the HTC Magic. G1 users that have not received the Cupcake release will not be able to upgrade yet. But those users should be receiving the update in the next few days.

This release includes bug fixes, new features, and improvements:
  • Includes bug fixes due the Android 1.5 "Cupcake" update.
  • Improved GPS accuracy and sample rate.
  • Faster GPS acquisition time on launch.
  • Updated speech library that improves Trackmaster's speech performance.
  • Stereo bluetooth support! This means that you can now hear Trackmaster's lap times and split times in a noisy vehicle or while wearing your helmet.

I tested this with a Motorola S9HD bluetooth headset:

It works great! Now I don't need to pay so much attention to the logger and I can just listen for my lap times, split times, and speed.
RE: Trackmaster v1.2 released!
11/8/11 7:56 PM as a reply to Jeff Trackaroo.
Hello Jeff,

Awesome app. I just downloaded it for motorcycle track days. I tested it this morning on the way to work but did not hear my split times through bluetooth. I ride with a scala rider. I have bt setting turned on but heard nothing. I've tried searching and ended up here so I hope you can help.

RE: Trackmaster v1.2 released!
11/8/11 8:18 PM as a reply to Jeysson Ramos.
Make sure your bluetooth headset supports multimedia audio (ie. music). Some bluetooth headsets are for phone call audio only. Under bluetooth settings, it should say "Connected to phone and media audio" or "Connected to media audio".

RE: Trackmaster v1.2 released!
11/9/11 11:25 AM as a reply to Jeff Trackaroo.

Thank you for your response. You are absolutely correct. My scala does not support A2DP. The manual is very misleading. I ended up downloading a BTMono app and it works great. Now I can hear split times and stream music from my phone.